The Ramky Foundation was formed on August 12, 2006 under the leadership of Smt. A. Dakshayani, its Managing Trustee.


Business Divisions

Ramky Infrastructure Limited (Ramky Infra), the flagship company of the Ramky Group, is an integrated construction and infrastructure development and management company. Since commencement of business in 1994, we have serviced a diverse range of construction and infrastructure projects in sectors as varied as water and waste water, transportation, irrigation, industrial parks (including SEZs), power transmission and distribution, residential, commercial and retail property.

Ramky Infra is headquartered at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Five zonal and three regional offices manage business operations throughout India, servicing the growing infrastructure needs country-wide. Ramky Engineering and Consulting Services (FZC), Sharjah, a fully-owned subsidiary of Ramky Infra, takes up activities of consultancy and manage international business operations.

Ramky Infra operates in three principal business segments:

  • A construction business which is operated by our company, and
  • A developer business which is operated through 16 subsidiaries and three associates and
  • international business

A majority of the development projects are public-private partnerships, operated by separate special purpose vehicles promoted by Ramky Infra and the Government. Ramky Engineering and Consulting Services FZC, UAE, a wholly owned subsidiary, operates a consultancy firm in areas such as infrastructure development, waste management, environment and property development.